Graduates of the the Lamblight in-campus and homeschooling programs get the double advantage of a DepEd-accredited diploma AND an internationally recognized certification from our highly-esteemed global learning partner, Wolsey Hall Oxford, the world‘s most experienced homeschooling college, established in 1894. They are one of just four online schools that are Cambridge approved for Lower Secondary, IGCSE and A level courses, and is also the first Cambridge approved online Primary school.

At Lamblight, you will finish all basic education year levels with both local AND international recognition through our partnership with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands

We are also a proud member of the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI)

Our affiliation with them gives our parents, teachers and students access to a wide network of fellow homeschooling families in the country who are always more than happy to share their life lessons and journey with you.

Listen to our parents and students as they share their about their homeschooling experience with Lamblight International School


We go deep in developing life—long connections for your child through our regular in-person and virtual Leadership Huddles

Your child doesn’t have to experience homeschooling as a lonely solo journey. Included in our program is a regular leadership gathering for our
“Young Leaders” where they can meet new friends and foster life-long connections as they build on topics and projects that they are most passionate about. In every leadership huddle, our young leaders get to:

– seize the opportunity to collaborate on projects
– Share Bible reflections
– Pray together
– Organize events, field trips
– Play games and sports together
– Practice leadership

We create a setting where your child may really enjoy homeschooling

Our students enjoy access to a holistic array of extra curricular activities and memorable events that will help them grow in different areas of life.

– Sports Clubs and Events
– Bible Classes
– PrayerSupport Groups
– Student Government
– Field trips
– Science Fairs and Experiments
– Project Y.E.S. Bazaar for a Cause
– Thank You Father God Day {Culminating Program}
– Graduation Rites

We make learning part of your family's lifestyle

There are generally two types of home schooling: (1) school-at-home and (2) homeschooling

School-at-home is doing everything your child is supposed to be doing within a class and a professional teacher in a traditional learning institution,
except that you do it yourself in your own living room, which can be very stressful!

Homeschooling with Lamblight, on the other hand, is making learning a part of your life style as a family, with as less stress and the most professional help you can get as possible!


Positive Socialization

You are the model

Homeschoolers are generally respectful, not just to adults, but also to other children. They can confidently converse with others and tend to be good listeners. Why? because they have you to model it! Contrast this with a traditional classroom that have 30 to 45 other classmates who can teach and model to your child how to say “bad words,” speak behind a teacher’s back, or bully others!

Academic Exellence

Let your child excel at his/her own pace

In a regular class with over 30 students, your child needs to “run after” the pace of all her classmates even before she can understand or master a particular skill. With homeschooling, your child can always study a particular topic of interest in depth, as you will have more time to answer her questions and extend time spent on the topic.

In homeschooling, the world is your classroom-- the opportunities to learn is endless. You can even go on a field trip every week! You have no boundaries on how deep you want to get on a topic or values for your child.

Development of Brilliance

Enjoy the luxury of spending more time on your child's giftedness

Integral to the homeschool program is the development of your child’s unique interests, talents or brilliance.

Homeschooling affords your child the luxury to spend more time doing what he is really good at.

Our goal is to help you assist your child in discovering his or her brilliance wether it be in sports, arts, music, dance, language, social work etc. and hone his gifts and talents to levels of excellence for God’s greater glory!

Real-world Equipping

Set the Foundation

Will homeschooling shelter my children from the real world? Yes! Your children will be sheltered from bullies and other negative influence. Isn’t it a wise choice to set the foundation first before you let them conquer the world?

Until they are of age, homeschooling gives you the chance to train them to defend themselves, stand up for what they believe in, respectfully debate, discern truth from lies and trust only reliable information.

Good Health

Quality meals, air and sleep everytime!

At home, your child is away from flu or viruses he/she that can pick up from school. You can opt to serve your child with the healthiest meal during recess because your own kitchen is her cafeteria. Time spent commuting to school can be used to get more adequate sleep instead. And while your still training her to stand up for himself / herself, your child will be in a truly bully free environment – your home.


Strengthen the relationship that matters most

Homeschooling is one of the best ways to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your children, because it guarantees you more quality time with them.

And as you spend more time with them, you can splurge on telling them more about Jesus and being their very first discipler, until they learn to strengthen their most important relationship -- the one they have with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!